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With its technological leadership, performance reliability, high efficiency of supply and after-sales service, German machinery manufacturing stands proudly in the world industrial equipment market. Nok Power is following the high quality and professionalization of German mechanical production in the world. Standards, with the excellence of production technology, quality and timely product supply and customer-oriented operational concepts have been recognized worldwide.
On August 6, 2014, Knock Power established the Knox Domestic Marketing Center of Shanghai Jiesi Machinery Co., Ltd. in China. Fully responsible for sales and after-sales service in China.
Knock Power has been developing high-end generator products. The generator combines the three elements of technology, environmental protection and humanity. The machine uses Germany's advanced power motor and humanized design to give users a powerful, easy-to-operate, safe, portable, low-emission, low-pitched experience. Knock Power's products include (gasoline generators, diesel generators, digital inverter generators, power generation welders, pumps, etc.). The quality is manufactured in strict accordance with the world industry standards. At present, it has obtained many quality system certifications such as CE in Europe.
Knock Service Team Knock Operating Model
Using the new O2O model, using the combination of online and offline, has changed the traditional marketing method. Because we effectively control the cost of fixed assets and sales and operation costs, Nock Power's products are cost-effective and reasonable in sales price.
Nok product use
Widely used in various industries, including railways, communications, ships, engineering machinery, rail locomotives, agriculture, fire protection, chemicals, food and other fields.
Knock Service System
The company currently has 30 repair centers under the provincial capital. There are a professional after-sales service team in Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, etc. In addition to the 24-hour on-duty telephone for consultation, we also have detailed answers to the questions frequently encountered by users on the company website.
The company will adhere to the "high-end generator" concept, adhere to the "good quality, service-oriented" purpose, to provide customers with high-quality products and perfect service.
Contact Knock
Shanghai Jiesi Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contact Knock Power Company Tel: 0512-50128843
Mobile number: 13795377359
Company fax: 0512-50128843
Customer service QQ: 1023849251
Company Address: Building 1, Asia Pacific Plaza, Jiading District, Shanghai
Line instructions: Take Subway Line 11 and get off at Zhaofeng Road and walk for 10 minutes to Nock Power Domestic Marketing Center.

bet1 365 vip官方网站|bet亚洲官网手机版

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